Tips For Buying A New Air Conditioner

  • Don’t size your unit based solely on the floor area of your house. To gather the necessary information, measure floors, ceilings, and wall (including windows) and check insulation in the ceiling/walls. Factors that are included in the cooling load formula are indoor/outdoor temperatures, the number of occupants, shading, and roof colour.
  • Don’t buy an oversized/undersized unit.
  • Don’t be tempted by the lowest quote. Be willing to pay for the time the contractor must spend to do the job right.
  • Buy a high-efficiency unit.
  • Check Electrical Requirements
  • Install for ease of maintenance. Make sure the inside coil can be reached for cleaning. An access panel may need to be installed depending on the model. The air filter should be located where it can be easily removed.
  • Place the outside unit on the South or West side of the house, out of direct sunlight, but don’t add shading. Leave plenty of room for free air flow on all sides. Keep the area free of debris and shrubbery. The air conditioner draws a lot of air through it. It’s more important for the unit to have a lot of space than for it to be well shaded.
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