Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning provides optimum comfort all year round with reverse cycle heating and cooling. Let us take care of your ducted air conditioning installation. So, you can lay back and enjoy the benefits of a cooling and heating system that works as you want. The advantage of this system is that you don’t need to air condition the whole house simultaneously. You can customise zones, enabling you to heat/cool specific areas, from your touch screen controller or mobile device.

Many air conditioning systems work as a unit, often using energy that you don’t need. With reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, you only use energy to heat or cool rooms that you are using. The ducted air conditioning cost will be much less than some of the older air conditioning systems. This provides you with the same comfort for less money.

The new touch screen panels are available to link up to your home network. These can also be remotely controlled, using wi-fi on your cell phone. It also has the ability to set the air conditioning up to a timer system. This means that you need never come home to a hot house again, as you can start it remotely. By the time you get home, it is at a comfortable temperature. This way you never lose your cool.

We have offices in Cape Town and employ experienced and dedicated staff to service the surrounding suburbs.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning is suitable for most homes and offices. It allows you a choice of comfort levels, no matter what the season.

We place a compressor unit in an unobtrusive area outside your home. The compressor pumps refrigerated air into your house via ducting placed in your roof space. After consulting with you and assessing your home, we will help you design specific zones. The zones will allow you to air condition different areas of your home at times suitable to you. This saves you energy and money and ensures all year round comfort.

Ducted Air Conditioning