Power Saving Air Conditioning

At Tru Temp Air Conditioning, we strive to provide you with energy efficient air conditioners that not only keep you cool in summer and warm in winter but are also designed to use as little energy as possible, saving you money and being kind to the environment at the same time.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you buy a system that will save energy and money.

Ensure that you purchase an air conditioner that suits your family’s needs.  Purchasing the correct size unit will lead to efficient energy-saving operations. A unit that is too small will not heat or cool properly, and a unit that is too large will be inefficient.  Reverse cycle systems also allow you to zone your home. So that you need only heat or cool the rooms that are being used, which is very energy efficient.  Advanced controllers on the market also allow you to individually temperature control your zones. This is so that every room remains comfortable without excessive airflow to rooms that do not require it.

Maintain your system in good working order at all times. To ensure optimal efficiency and increased longevity of your air conditioner. Keep your filters clean at all times and replace or repair immediately if problems arise. You should have your system checked at least once a year. Contact us and we will send a professional around. We will check your system and ensure it is operating at its most energy efficient.

Buy a solid and reputable brand name that has a proven track record as an energy saving air conditioner.

Work with air conditioning specialists like Tru Temp Air Conditioning to ensure you get the best advice and products at the best rates.

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