Benefits of Office Air Conditioners

We usually work in boxes, some are hot, some cold, but it’s very rare that the temperature is just right. Even though the temperatures may vary, we still end up breathing in the same air for eight hours every day. This leads to illness, and surprisingly, a lack of productivity.

Go ahead, blame the bad air for your late report or mistake-riddled sales pitch, it could be a factor. Studies have found that temperatures above 24 degrees makes staff lethargic, more prone to making mistakes, and stressful. Cooler than 21 degrees makes everyone too cold to think straight. The ideal temperature seems to be between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius. This temperature is easy enough to achieve with an air conditioner.

Here are a few benefits:

Because recycled air is a petri dish for viruses, offices become breeding grounds for coughs, colds, and flu. Air conditioners have air filters that clean the air as it circulates through the system. This reduces the dust, odours, and allergens in the air. Which is beneficial to the health of everyone at work, particularly allergy and asthma sufferers.

The drive towards more environmentally friendly technology means that air conditioners are evolving with the times. Eco-friendly options are available, which will save you on your energy bills, and give Mother Nature a break. There are many types available, from split systems to the larger VRV designs. The larger VRV designs are overtaking the ducted systems as eco-friendly.

The hotter the environment, the less the productivity. Staff members are bothered and annoyed by things that wouldn’t normally affect them. Opening the windows is an option, but that just lets in warm air. An air conditioner helps to reduce the temperature to an even level, keeping the interior cool on those blazing days. When employees are cooler and more comfortable, the mood is lighter and more work gets done.

You may doubt the credibility of this, but many business owners have confirmed that not only does the air conditioner help to keep the machines cool, but the security risk is much lower. No windows are left open after hours and risk of theft is diminished.

Do you want your clients melting on the floor? It’s bad for business if they are hot and irritable. They won’t really focus during meetings and visits to your office may become less frequent. Temper the indoor climate with an air conditioner.

The benefits to installing an air conditioner in your office are extensive. Contact Tru-Temp Air Conditioning for a product that will suit your office size and temperature requirements.

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